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Baby Portacare

dimensions and Specs 7.jpg

A versatile baby changing station with a changing table, storage center, and wash basin. This table features locking wheels, racks for hanging towels and clothes, and drawers for storage. Made of durable, easily-to-clean material. 

Pure Rain UV Water Purifying System


A rain collection and purification system. This system can attach to or replace existing gutters, and features a UV filtration system that purifies rain water as it passes through and is ultimately collected in portable containers. 

Clinique Mini Kiosk

miniClinique pg5.jpg

The Clinique Mini Kiosk is an easy-to-manufacture pop-up store designed for shopping centers and malls. The kiosk features built-in monitors to help potential customers customize their product needs, counters for product testing, and shelving for product display.

Healthy Hearts P.O.P

Assembly Instructions copy.jpg

The Healthy Hearts point-of-purchase display is designed to mount on existing grocery store shelves as a slider to advertise the product and be moveable for product access.

Heat-Bent Chair Study

rendered desk chair.jpg

Heat-bent chair study—explores different molded plastic chair designs, from single seats, to seat/desk combinations. 

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